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rectheology's Journal

Recreational Theology
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Recreational Theology is a community for the free and creative exploration of mythological, metaphysical, and religious thought. In particular, it's a place to explore the possibilities of unorthodox religious positions and ideas with a spirit of play.

This is a place not to apply dogma, but to create it and muse about its effects. Not to argue about scripture, but to propose novel or unusual interpretations of it, or write your own.

Mankind perpetually evolves new mythical-religious systems, and perpetually reinterprets the old ones, trying to find ways to make sense of the full range of human experience. Recreational Theology is a place for people to suggest changes, conduct thought experiments, and work out the ramifications of positions that have been under-explored by more "serious" or position-committed thinkers.

It also might be funny.

Please stay on topic, and keep things friendly as much as possible. This isn't necessarily a community about belief so much as it is a community about possibilities.