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i stumbled upon this community because of the fact that you have robert heinlein as an interest. i think that's a definite plus with what it seems that you all are aiming at.
i also think that taking a look at aldous huxley's work would be a good idea. huxley brings up a lot of great points about society and belief, especially in his novel 'island'.
i think that science fiction novelists can get away with quite a lot because of their medium, at least as far as social commentary and the introduction of new ideas regarding religion and society.
i think heinlein was especially good at these things, seeing as he introduced a whole "religion" that was esensially a way of life in 'stranger in a strange land'. also, all of his characters live a certain way, and he wrote it like it was the norm, so by the time yr done with the novel, you almost start thinking that that's the norm and everyone else is just uptight.
well, it's late, and i feel this could be continued at a later date.
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May 14 2003, 13:30:47 UTC 13 years ago

i stumbled upon this community after searching for pantheism. Seems like you could have great discussion. Anyway, I've been looking for a livejournal, so if anyone has a code my sn is Empress544. If i get one, you can look forward to my posts :)
i read ALOT of heinlien, and i completely wanted the lifestyle he created for his characters.
dude. there are so many websites by people who've tried to make it become a reality. not sure if they succeeded or not.
hey, i've heard that heinlien has been criticized for his treatment of his female characters, like they were lower in the scale of things... do you agree? i don't see it, but another opinion is always welcome...
BTW. also found the community by wandering through those who have heinlien as an interest.