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Personally, I think Jesus might've done much better as a woman. For one thing he/she would've had a lot more fun converting the masses. Hell, anyone that sincerely believes that Jesus was celibate, as some zealots would have you think, are not being honest with themselves. Travelling all over the place, with a large group of only men....do I really need to paint you a picture?

As a woman, probably could've brought numerous people into the cult that is Christianity of both genders in greater numbers. After all, blondes are said to have more fun...what's religion without a little fun?


For that matter, commenting on this might be bad idea, as you'll be able to see the picture then too. Far be it from me to corrupt unsuspecting innocents...

...although, if you care to risk it, I'd be interested in knowing if you agree that Jesus would have been better in his chosen vocation as a hottie!
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